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Everything becomes a weapon

In the United States as long ago as the 1500’s, the Filipino Martial Arts have something to benefit everyone. Developed for “mass attack” as well as single opponent confrontations, the training heightens students’ awareness of their surroundings and teaches them to use their environment as tools of combat.

Everyday objects, such as umbrellas, books, bandannas, etc, become effective means of self-defense in the hands of a properly trained individual. Use of left and right hand techniques develop coordination. Drills and techniques taught in a fluid, non-restrictive manner allow students to enhance their natural attributes and improve their sense of timing, speed, awareness, balance, agility and confidnence.

Kali is a highly sophisticated and comprehensive martial art from the Philippines that is weapons based, but is ultimately an empty hand system. The Filipino martial arts taught at the One Spirit Martial Arts are derived from those taught at the Inosanto Academy, which are drawn from twenty-six primary sources.

With influences such as the late Grandmaster John La Coste, Magulang Na Guro Dan Inosanto has developed a program that introduces students to 12 main areas, including, but not limited to single stick, double stick, stick and dagger, double dagger, panatukan (Filipino Boxing), Sikaran (Filipino kicking methods), Kunato.



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